Ask Laura Yoga Product Advice


Hi everyone, and welcome to the Ask Laura section of my web site.

With over 21 years of experience in the Yoga and Fitness industry, I have tried a variety of different Yoga and Pilates-related products from yoga mats, resistance bands, music and DVD videos, to nutritional ideas for before and after my yoga class.

The purpose of this portion of the site is for me to share my experiences with you, and to be able to recommend some of my favorite products.

 Laura Tompkins

I'll provide reviews of the yoga products that I present to you, and let you know why I recommend them, and how they are different from other similiar yoga products you may find.

Please explore my product recommendations using the links on the left and right, and make sure to come back often, as I will be adding many more recommendations in the future. I sincerely hope you find this information useful, and I wish you the best in meeting your fitness and well-being goals.

Please also help to support your local community yoga studio by using the link at the bottom-left when shopping on Amazon for any products. This will also only display products that are elligible for FREE shipping when you purchase $25 or more at a time.