Student Eligibility Requirements 

Amazing Yoga and Pilates classes consist of strenuous physical activity including, but not limited to, various Yoga, Pilates, and muscle toning exercises offered by Laura Tompkins. Students must be in good physical condition and must not suffer from any disability or injury that would prevent or limit their participation in this exercise program. Students must affirm that they are between the ages of 14 and 62 and are not currently pregnant.

In consideration of student participation in this exercise program, students release Laura Tompkins from any claim, demands, and cause of action arising from their participation in this exercise program.

Students need to understand that they may injure themselves as a result of their participation in this exercise program.  New students will be required to sign a release of liability, releasing Laura Tompkins from any liability, present or future, including but not limited to heart attacks, muscle strains, pulls, tears, broken bones, shin splints, heat prostration, knee, lower back or foot injuries, stroke and any other illness or injury however caused, occurring during or after their participation in this exercise program.

Students also have to be able to keep pace with the beginner level group classes.  For your own safety, Amazing Yoga and Pilates reserves the right to deem any student ineligible for yoga classes at the studio if the student cannot, even with recommended modifications from the instructor, keep up with the beginner level pace of the class.

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