What's New in 2013


Birthday Special* - You are entitled to 1 free yoga group class during your birthday month!

New Group Student Special* - $20 for your first four classes

Private Lession Package - $200 for 4 sessions ($50/session)

* only one special valid at a time

Private Lessions 

I am now offering private and semi-private (up to 2) lessons on Monday's and Wednesday's. This is a unique opportunity to practice your favorite stretching and strenghing poses in a more personal environment. See my Private Lessions page for additional information and pricing.

Partners in Health

For information on my recommended health partners in the San Diego area and on-line, click here.

Benefit - Performance

Yoga is a perfect addition to traditional exercises programs. For any sport you choose to practice, yoga can enhance and complement your ability. Yoga keeps muscles limber and active without lactic acid buildup. The regular practice of Yoga can help prevent injuries and chronic soreness after an intense sports workout. And, if your body is flexible and supple you will be less prone to injuries.



Please see the schedule page for up to date details.

Note: No yoga on Thanksgiving Day, or December 7th.


  • Regular rate - $12/class
  • New Student Special - $20 for new students for your first four classes!! 
  • Couples - $10 each
  • Pre Paid Package - $40 for 4 classes
  • Priviate Lessions - $60 per session
  • Infrared Sauna - $20/session

Please see the prices page for additional packages.

Laura's Yoga Product Advice

With over 23 years of experience in the yoga and fitness industries, I've tried a variety of health & fitness products from yoga mats, resistance bands, pre-yoga snacks, music and DVDs.  Check out my Product Advice Pages for details.


Yoga Pose of the Month

The Eagle Pose is a challenging balancing posture that builds lower body strength, increases concentration and coordination, and opens the hips and shoulders.

Eagle Pose



Benefit - Yoga to Avoid Middle-Aged Weight Gain

A study conducted at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle and published in the July/August 2005 issue of Alternative Therapies found that people who were overweight at age 45 and practiced yoga for four or more years lost an average of five pounds.

Those people who didn't practice yoga gained 13 pounds during the same four years. The findings come from data on more than 15,000 men and women. The researches speculated that the reason for the weight loss was that yoga helps their bodies and eating habits and being more aware of bad habits such as eating because of stress, boredom or depression. 




Yoga Articles on Ezine.com

I am publishing yoga and health related articles on Ezine.com. Here are links to a couple of my newest articles. I'm sure you will find them interesting:

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Laura's Yoga Product Advice

Pilates Equipment
The best Pilates balls and resistence bands

Yoga Mats
Quality Yoga mats for your home practice

Nutrition Bars
What's the best to eat before a yoga class

Yoga DVDs
My favorite videos for at-home practice

Yoga Music
My favorite relaxing yoga music CDs






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