Infrared Sauna Use Instructions

Before Your Sauna Session:

Drink plenty of water and try not eat a big meal right before the sauna session.
Do not apply any lotions to your body.
Please wipe the bottom of your feet with the handi-wipe (provided) before entering the sauna.

While in the Sauna: 

Wear a bathing suit or shorts and a T-shirt.
Wipe the sweat off your body with the small yoga towel (provided).
Use your great yoga posture and please don’t lean back on the heaters.
Do not bring metal objects (cell phones, iPods, etc) into the sauna.
You may drink room temperature water while in the sauna but be careful not to spill.
If at any time you do not feel well (light-headed, dizzy), leave the sauna immediately.

After you get out of the Sauna:

Drink plenty of water.
Shower at the Yoga studio or as soon as you can when you get home to rinse off the sweat.
Rest – your body burned calories by increasing your heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate. A single sauna session will burn 200-500 calories, as many as rowing a boat for 30 minutes or running several miles.

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