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"Laura is supportive, patient, non threatening...everything that I, as a beginner, could want. I decided to take classes at Laura's Yoga Studio because I wanted to develop my yoga poses with individual attention. Laura is very encouraging, energetic and enthusiastic. The best yoga instructor I've found." Carol

-- Carol


Larry "I am very much a beginner, and Laura's classes are really for everyone. Her routines flow smoothly from one pose to the next, and she focuses on the basic positions and doing them correctly, instead of doing some of the more advanced moves that only a small percentage of students can really execute correctly, and without risk of injury. I am a regular student, and love attending her classes."
-- Larry

"Laura's Yoga/Pilates classes are the best. Her studio is intimate and she provides everything you need: mats, towels, blankets, eye pillows and exercise bands and balls. The students are friendly and supportive and Laura has a way of making everyone feel welcomed and comfortable, regardless of skill level, from their very first class. My husband and I have been taking classes from Laura for over five years, and with her guidance, we feel stronger, more flexible and less stressed than ever before". Monica
-- Monica

Laura "Laura's classes provide a personalized, supportive, calming environment to improve your well being in every way at whatever level you are able to participate. I always feel renewed after every class".

-- Laura W.

"The sessions leave me strengthened and centered, both mentally and physically. I really miss it when I can not attend. The atmosphere is relaxed and supportive. Everyone fits in, with both new and familiar faces, young and "old", males and females, beginners and veterans each week. A great escape from one's daily stresses". yoga student

-- Nan

"Laura's classes are a delight to take part in! After each session, I feel calm, stretched and centered - exactly how you should feel after a yoga class! Plenty of help is available with positioning and form, each session is fun, friendly and informative. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of ability - Laura really cares about her students. The blend of yoga and pilates is spot on - a little strength training along with the flexibility. Great yoga classes with a personal touch."

-- Tracey

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