Pilates Balls and Bands


Pilates 9" Ball

My students love these FitBalls for both an upper back stretch and abdominal work. I tried three other 9 inch Pilates balls before I selected the FitBalls for the studio. These are really the best 9 inch balls I have found!

For a great upper back stretch: lay on your back and place the ball between your shoulder blades and interlace your fingers together behind your head to support your neck and do a back stretch over the ball.

The balls are also excellent for abdominal work. Lay on your back and place the ball under your tailbone to support your lower back while you do your abdominal work. My favorite ab exercise with the ball is to slowly lower both legs then bring them up isolating your abdominal muscles without straining your back.

You can click the link at the right to purchase the Pilates balls direct from Amazon.com.


Pilates Xertube Resistance Bands

We use these bands in the yoga studio for our Pilates arm work.You can effectively work your entire upper body including your pectorals, triceps, biceps, forearms, and rhomboids with these resistance bands. The bands are a much smoother workout than weights and less likely to cause any strain in your neck or shoulders.

Click the link at the left to check out these Pilates Resistance Bands on Amazon.com.



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