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Of course I am biased in thinking that the best yoga experience is attending a yoga class in person at a yoga studio. You get motivated by the energy of everyone else in the room and hearing the other students use the yoga and pilates breathing reminds you to not hold your breath. Also, it is easier to stay focused and centered away from all the distractions of home.

On the other hand, I do find that my students improve tremendously when they can incorporate yoga into their life at least twice a week. Some of my students find it ideal to come to my studio class one day a week and do a yoga video one day a week

These are my recommendations of Yoga DVDs for home practice:


Laura's Yoga DVD and Guide

Amazing Yoga and Pilates DVD & Practice Guide  

For those busy days when you need a perfect balance of stretching, strenghening and relaxing, and you don't have time to attend a class, enjoy my convenient 30 minute yoga DVD set in beautiful San Diego.

The practice guide outlines the benefits of 38 yoga postures, how to get out of the pose, as well as the beginning and advanced modifications.

The Amazing Yoga & Pilates DVD is available to my yoga students for $20.  Just come by class to pick one up!  If you can't make it to class, then please email me to arrange payment and shipping options:  

DVD Title - Total Yoga Original (2000)

This yoga DVD mirrors my teaching style of doing a routine that works for all level from beginner to advanced. Tracey Rich and Ganga White do an impressive jpb of explaining each of the yoga poses. When I first started doing yoga, this was my favorite atv home practice routine.    Buy Lifestyles CD


DVD Title - Kathy Smith: Yoga Sculpt

Even if you have never been much of a Kathy Smith fan you will have to admit her yoga DVDs are quite good. Her devotion to yoga comes across and because she has done so many fitness videos over the years her DVDs are so well produced. Her form is excellent and her instruction is very good. Buy Kathy Smith DVD

DVD Title - Yoga with Ateeka (2000)   

Hands down this yoga DVD is the hidden gem of yoga DVDs. It is my absolute favorite for home practice for when I have had a tough day at work. The DVD background is the relaxing Island of Maui and Ateeka has a very soothing and relaxing voice. I always feel good after I do this DVD. Buy Yoga with Ateeka 



DVD Title - Hit the Spot - Pilates (2005)

Denise Austin is another Diva of fitness and this is a good pilates DVD. There are actually very few pilates DVDs on the market that I actually like. This is a good total body workout. Her voice is a little high pitch during the DVD but if you can handle all that over-the-top enthusiasm this is a good pilates workout.

Buy Hit the Spot Pilates



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