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Nitti Pot for Sinus Health

One of the main benefits from yoga is the relaxing yoga breath during class. The breathing helps relax you so you get that centered,focused  and calm feeling. And, breathing right actually helps you increase your flexibility by allowing you to relax into the yoga stretches without straining your muscles. However, if you are like me and have sinus problems then breathing during class is sometimes challenging.
My friend Marlene talked me into trying a Netti Pot for my sinus challenges and it has been a huge help. I try to use it at least once a day. I really believe in Netti Pots now so I  bought one for my Mom and for my Dad and for my boyfriend.  My Mom was unsure at first if she could figure out how to use it correctly but she recently called me and said it was easy to use and that it was helping her allergies. Yeah!
If you have sinus challenges, you will be really pleased with how much this helps your allergies.



Nitti Pot Sinus Packets

These sinus packets are pre-measured saline nasal irrigation & moisturizing system for the above Netti Pot. These are really easy to use and highly recommended accessory to the netti pot.



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