Yoga Mats, Blankets and Eye Pillows


The Best Yoga Mats !

I have had the Tapas Ultra mats in the yoga studio for 6 and half years and they are still holding up great. It looks like Amazon is offering certain colors of the Tapas Ultra mats for less than $30. This is an amazing deal for a 1/4 inch, comfortable, long lasting yoga mat .
You can get a cheap yoga mat these days for $10 but you will soon find out that not all yoga mats are created equal. My experience has been that if you get a mat that is 1/8 inch in thickness it will feel like a thin piece of paper and not provide very much support for your wrists during the downward dog pose.
Years ago I read an article in one of the yoga magazines that rated the Tapas Ultras as the best all around yoga mat and my experience has found that to be true.  

Yoga Blankets

Blankets make great yoga accessories. They're ideal for providing extra support for some of the yoga postures, especially the Pigeon Pose and hip flexor stretches.

During Savasana (deep relaxation) a blanket under your head will provide extra support for your neck, and under your knees will help support your back.

Eye Pillows

An eye pillow takes Savasana (deep relaxation) to the next level of calmness and bliss. Eye pillows also help your eyes relax after a long day, and helps to block out distractions so you can focus on feeling more centered and peaceful.




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