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As a Yoga instructor, it is important to me to select soothing and relaxing yoga music to accompany my routines. Background music during a Yoga session should not be overwhelming, rather, it should be mode enhancing and should coincide with the particilar poses and routines. It is difficult to find a single CD that meets this criteria.

If the music is too slow and soft it is difficult to get motivated to hold those yoga warrior and chair poses. If the music is too energetic, it is challenging to unwind and relax. Again, it is all about balance. These are my all time favorite CDs that are both relaxing and uplifting at the same time. There are links for each CD, if you would like to purchase them directly on-line.

CD Title:  Lifescapes: Pure Relaxation - Escape, Unwind, Reflect 

This CD is the hidden gem of all relaxing yoga CDs. All my students love the fourth song "Enchanted Forest"as a deep relaxation song. The moment this song starts playing you can't help but take a big sigh and enjoy that totally content and blissful feeling that comes with total relaxation.    Buy Lifestyles CD


CD Title: Zen and the Art of Relaxation

This has been one of my favorite yoga CDs for the last two years. From the first song you just know it is a great CD. Even the CD graphics look very Zen. This CD makes the perfect gift for your yoga enthusiast friend. The CD is very relaxing and is one of the best for energizing you during and after your yoga practice. Buy Lifestyles CD

  CD Title: Spa Music: Relax & Rejuvenate

This CD set is not only relaxing but a great bargain. You basically get 2 CDs for the price of one.  Disc one is called "Massage" and disc two is called "Balance" and they are both perfect for yoga practice. To me a good yoga practice makes you feel more balanced and relaxed like you just had a massage so the disc names are symbolic. Buy Lifestyles CD   


CD Title: Spa [SOUNDTRACK] by Roger St. Denis

This one is the most soothing of my favorite CDs for yoga practice and I usually play it when I am stressed and/or tired. The subtitle is relax-indulge-daydream. It is very relaxing but instead of making my mind wander it actually helps me feel more centered and focused.

Buy Lifestyles CD


CD Title: Yoga Zone: Music for Yoga Practice

This was one of my first yoga CDs from many years ago and I keep on going back to it as an old favorite. This CD is like comfort food-it is comforting, soothing and relaxing.

  Buy Lifestyles CD



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