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Students often ask me what and how much to eat before yoga class. The key is balance. Eat too little and you may feel lightheaded and weak during class. Eat too much before class and you may experience a little reflux and/or uncomfort bending over. Real yoga purists advocate eating nothing before class but that personally doesn't work for me. As always, you need to listen to your body. The older I get the more I make my nutrition choices based on how I feel after eating. My goal is to feel energized, happy and good after I eat.

During the week, when I go straight from my day job to yoga class, I need a quick, nutritious and portable pre yoga snack. I find that a good protein bar is the perfect choice to give me enough energy for class without making me feel too full when I bend and twist.

Over the last 21 years of teaching fitness and yoga classes, I have tried amost every protein bar on the market.  I love the "Think Thin" bars because they never seem to weigh you down and they contain 0g sugar.

My personal favorites are the Chocolate Fudge and the Peanut Butter Lite flavors.

I've been eating these nutrition bars for years, and I never seem to get tired of them, as I tend to get burned out on other brands of protein bars.

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My other favorite is the Green Energy bars because the thin chocolate coating makes the bar taste good even though it has really good for you ingredients and the bar really does give me energy.

This bar is an organic, vegetarian, and alkaline meal supplement. It will give you a solid base before a yoga class, and you can feel good that it contains all natural, heathy incredients.

I hope you found my pre yoga class nutrition bar recommendations useful. Thank you in advance for clicking through the links to purchase your bars.  



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